Registry of Baptisms, Burials and Marriages, Bray Wicklow 1668 to 1792

Transcribed by Jennifer Self from the original document at RCB Library Dublin on 8th May 2003


at the end of the christenings for 1753 Will Strong is Churchwarden with John Lyon the Minister



At a Vestry held Monday April 5 1790, Richard Strong is shown as renting 50 acres at Fassero at a rent of 18 shillings and 3 pence. Also Richard Burton had 100 acres at Ballyman. at a rent of 1 16 shillings an 6 pence. likewise April 23 1789. The Buckleys held 40 acres at The Town at a rent of 14 shillings and 7 pence.

also 1783, 1784, 1785, 1787 

in 1764 it was Wingfield Burton that held the 100 acres at Ballyman and still Richard Strong had the 50 at Fasseroe

in 1763 it was William Strand and Richard Strong together that had the 50 acres at Fasseroe

in 1762 William Strong now Richard Strong ditto 1761

1757, 1758 and 1759 William Strong only had the 50 and Wingfield Burton held Ballyman. The 2 holdings always appear side by side in the records- were they neighbours? That's why Richard married Beresford??

1737 Wm Strong still has the 50 acres at Fassaro, but the 100 acres at Ballyman only shown as several tenants and in 1736 as being held by Widow Proud

Mrs Lucy Spedding held 63 acres at the same time at a rent of 19 shillings 4 1/2 d.

Wm Beresford was the minister in 1765

Thos Strong was a vestryman in 1751

Revisited 2nd June 2004 to transcribe all Lambert and Harricks records